5 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Recommended for Startups

If you want to market or promote your new startup today, animated explainer videos are your golden ticket! Here is why explainer videos are highly recommended for startups!
Animated explainer recordings are short recordings that use all kinds of animations to show and demonstrate how the products or services you are selling work. In recent time, these videos have become a really important part of the marketing strategy of lots of startups. In other words, if you want to market or promote your new startup today, animated explainer videos are without a doubt, your golden ticket. Explainer videos have consistently proven to be effective and an engaging marketing tool. Regardless of the startup, you are running, animated videos offer incredible opportunities to promote your business, brand, and your offerings, and gain more exposure at the same time. At this moment, video content is the most convincing approach to associate with your intended target group. Explainer videos enable you to indicate how your items and services function in an unmistakable and fascinating way and make your business image and brand less demanding to remember.
Here are 5 reasons why SquareShip explainer videos are highly recommended for startups:

1. Engage your target group

Explainer videos are a great way to present and explainer your products or services in a way that is super easy for your audience to understand. In just about 2 minutes, these videos can explain the process of using the products or services you offer. The best thing about these videos is that they draw people in smoothly and naturally, just like cartoons do. This is your opportunity to engage with your audience and interact with your potential clients.

2. They are mobile compatible

Explainer videos can be seen on mobile and desktop devices. As you already know, you don’t have much time to catch the attention of your audience and convince them to stay and watch your video. However, animated videos are specially created to attract their attention as they are fun, creative, and quicker to load.

3. Good for auditory and visual learners

You need to keep in mind that most people are auditory or visual learners. By creating an animated video, you make a piece of content that integrates and communicated with people directly in their own preferred style. What we are trying to say is that visual supports the narrator, making it super easy to understand what is happening, and simpler for your viewers to engage with the message you want to share.

4. Develop brand awareness

One of the greatest benefits of animated explainer videos is the fact that they help create a one-of-a-kind brand voice. You can conclude a lot about a business with a video that simply presents the story. A good video will mic brand personality and aesthetically pleasing animation to build and improve your business identity.

5. Increase rankings

Animated explainer videos are a great method to convince your viewers to stay on your website, which helps to rank higher on Google. Google started prioritizing video-centric sites, meaning video content will make you 53 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page. These videos are an excellent way to increase your SEO and separate from the crowd.

To conclude, animated explainer videos are without a doubt, the best ways to improve the interaction with your target group and your business visibility. As a new business on the market, it can be really hard to get your identity out there, especially if the market is oversaturated with rivals. By using explainers on your website and social media profiles, you will improve your visibility in the eye of your potential buyers and on Google.

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