Hear from some of the many people across Pennsylvania who are participating in the January 21, 2017 historic Women’s March on Washington.



“I march because I am the mother of four, all mixed race, 2 female – one of whom is a firefighter and the other who is a student in Scotland.

I march because I don’t want my daughters to spend their entire lives defending their right to personal space or personal decisions.

I march because I don’t want my sons to be a greater risk just because their skin is not white.

I march because I want all of my children to have the ability to do, and pursue, the work they want, and have the skill, to do.

I march because I want them to choose their own faith and their own religion – or none at all.

I march because I want my granddaughter to grow up in a world where her gender and her skin never close doors.

I march because I believe that America can be better than this. Because there is no place for hate in the country I love.” ~Deb Y.




“I am marching for my daughters who are of Mexican descent. My Jewish Heritage, and in memory of my mom who was handicapped.”

~Lynn S.






“I would march if I were able because America is better than the unending list of hate that has been unleashed in this election.” ~Phyllis K.



“I will march so my grandsons know the importance of respecting women and any future great daughters will be freely able to stand in their own truth!” ~Carol H.


“I march for all the women who came before me and for all those who will come after, especially my grandchildren. I’m marching for the girls/women who have suffered sexual harassment, abuse and belittling because of their sex, for disabled people who have been marginalized through taunting and name calling, for victims of racism and bigotry. I march because to be silent would be to say that this is okay. That it’s business as usual. I march because it’s important to take a stand.” ~Judy S.