Meet The PA Organizers

Shawna Knipper

Chairperson – Women’s March PA

shawna“Residing in a richly diverse area of Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, has afforded me the opportunity to grow and expand my network of friends and family in a similarly diverse way.  I’ve been an advocate for justice and civil rights for years, however the climate that has been growing since before this election cycle has had a profound effect, reforming my views of the world long before any votes were cast. The election itself and subsequent wave of hate that washed across our country solidified my change from advocate to activist. We can not stand idle and only talk about the issues facing all who have been threatened by the rhetoric of the incoming administration and all who were threatened and persecuted long before this. We must act, we must march, we must demonstrate. In the actions of coming together we will find our strength.”

#IWillMarch for ALL of us, in our march AND in yours. We are one people.

Shawna has been in corporate insurance for 10 years and holds a degree in business administration.