Winning isn’t enough! 

Today, the moral arc of the universe was bent, once again, towards justice, because of you and your constant persistent pressure. Your phone calls, your activism, pressured enough Senate Republicans to say that Graham Cassidy could not pass. #WeKilledTheBill   
Still, the fight to protect the Affordable Care Act is not over. The budget will be yet another assault on healthcare, defunding ACA advertising and more! We’re also aware that the ACA isn’t the answer to every healthcare issue; there are still far too many people, who make too much money, to get the subsidies that make coverage affordable, but too little, to actually afford to pay for coverage on their own. We must continue to look long-term towards enacting a single-payer system that puts healthcare in reach of every American!

Join us for the previously planned healthcare actions that will now pivot to #DACA and move forward on holding Sen. Pat Toomey’s AND his donors, like PPL, accountable, for his commitment to gutting our education budget to fund deportations of immigrant families.

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