Graham-Cassidy Fight!

On 9/28 we are joining with #paresist to defend Healthcare. Visit to find an action near you!

The future of healthcare can be decided in less than 4 days, and so we must go all in to show the house and senate that they can not get away with taking healthcare from millions of our people. We will resist, and we will win. 

This coming Thursday, September 28th #paresist coalition has organized a statewide day of action, “Prescription for Commonsense.” We must ensure that our Representatives see, hear, and feel that the movement that swamped phone lines, shut down offices, and stopped multiple versions of these bills is still here, and we’re not going anywhere. There will be over 17 actions statewide, and we must do everything we can to mobilize for them with all our might. The complete list of 9/28 actions can be found here:

What we need you to do:

– Show Up!!

– Visit the Facebook pages listed on and share them through your social media networks. Use the share feature to also invite you Facebook friends directly!!

This is not a time for holding back, we need everyone to do all they can to help build these actions. Even if a Senate vote happens before 9/28, they must still get the house to vote by 9/30. 

We can stop them, but we must keep our foot on the gas!!

Below are talking points for the Graham-Cassidy-Heller bill:

This is the worst Trumpcare bill yet: Americans have repeatedly rejected every other version of Trumpcare — and this bill goes even further to cut millions off from insurance and access to basic care, including birth control, cancer screenings, and maternity care.  

Graham-Cassidy-Heller “defunds” Planned Parenthood by preventing Medicaid reimbursements for necessary preventative care, including cancer screenings, birth control, and STD testing and treatment. This is deeply, deeply unpopular with the public, and was the motivating factor for Sens. Murkowski and Collins to oppose previous Trumpcare bills.

It slashes Medicaid and ends the Medicaid expansions, resulting in millions losing coverage. It ends nationwide protections for maternity coverage and other basic care for women. Under this bill, whether or not a woman has coverage for maternity care or prescription drugs depends on where she lives. Thirteen million women could lose coverage to maternity care under this bill. It also allows insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing condition exorbitant premiums. And it raises premiums on millions by eliminating the tax credits that help middle class families pay for health care.

All of these impacts fall the heaviest on low-income families, people of color, and other people on the margins, and the result will be deadly. 

The decision to ram this bill through within the next two weeks, despite not knowing anything about the impact (no CBO score) makes this clear that this isn’t about “fixing” healthcare, it’s about stripping healthcare from those who need it to fund more tax breaks for the wealthy. 

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