As we all watched, the shame of our country was broadcast to every corner of the globe yesterday from #Charlottesville, VA.  We knew the hate existed, it has bred under the cover of darkness for centuries.  The pushback of the civil rights movement forced it underground, but while we white folks turned a blind eye it grew.  I don’t think any of us can say, with honesty, that we didn’t know it existed.  This was a powder keg, and the match was elected president with these hate groups, these white supremacist terrorists, as his base.  

What we saw also was Americans, of differing faiths, of different colors, of different orientations, of different backgrounds, standing up against hate. In one of the most intersectional displays in our time, we saw resistance on all sides and they collectively said “No!, Not in our country, not on our streets, not in our lives or those of any marginalized person!”

And with that outcry, and outnumbering the hate organizations, we saw the rise of white fragility as a vehicle was driven deliberately into a group of peaceful protestors. A young woman lost her life, 19 more were injured.  Graphic photos and videos flew through internet feeds st lighting speed, live streams showed graphic detail of the murder, the assaults on clergy, the assaults on police officers.  And as the fog cleared vigils formed across the country, immediately last evening solidarity movements started occurring, going on into today and likely into the next few days.  

We are a country at civil war, the battles have been small until Charlottesville.  We have allowed a false narrative on who the terrorists are in the United States.  We will allow it no more.  Join Women’s March in standing up against racism and the actions in Charlottesville, attend a vigil near you, share and use the image provided on your social media, and attend the March for Racial Justice in Washington DC on September 30, 2017 and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of color.  They have been waiting for our support for a long time, let’s not let them down. 

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