March for Racial Justice 

“White supremacy is indeed rooted in racism and misogyny ― but white women have historically enabled racism even if it came with the cost of misogyny, and on Saturday in Charlottesville, many yet again chose to maintain their white privilege by choosing subordination to white men over solidarity with people of color.” ~HuffPost
It’s time for us to #TrustBlackWomen + stop propping up this Nazi’s toxic masculinity. Shameful. 💔                                           ~Bland, Women’s March Co-Chair

 “How many more of us need to die, suffer, face persecution before you decide to join your brothers and sisters and fight back! Y’all know for me #NotOneMore”                   ~ Maurice Cook, organizer March for Racial Justice

#StopWhiteTerrorism #StandUp 

We will see you ALL here, right?! 

Start organizing buses now! If you need advice on how to get started email

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