Co-sign the Women’s March Letter! 


Print, sign & mail our letter to the #NRA headquarters & let them know that we will not back down. The lies and fear mongering have got to stop! Their recent video is just a despicable tactic to incite violence and cause more division.

#PERSIST  #SayHisName  #PhilandoCastile 

Get ready to mobilize, spread the word. 

One thought on “Co-sign the Women’s March Letter! 

  1. Just insane…why do women do this? I still struggle to understand the 53% who voted for who sits in the White House. No one is against second amendment rights but for the sake of our children be honest “automatic weapons are not for hunting and are used for one purpose. This is the type of propaganda that these organizations and our government uses time and time again. SAD and DISTURBING.

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