We Have March Signs!

wm_pa_poster_final2You asked for PA signs – we delivered!

Thank you to everyone who submitted slogans and phrases! They were great! Here are four signs, each with a different phrase:



  • Always Forward, Never Back
  • Hear Our Voice
  • Marching Forward
  • Why I March _______

The Why I March sign allows you to personalize your message!

The images are ideal for 11 x 17, or a 12 x 18 yard sign and can be printed at your local office supply store.


3 thoughts on “We Have March Signs!

  1. Do we order or download them (you indicated both?)
    My iPhone does download the PDF. Is it supposed to? If o does, it’s only 8 1/2 x 11
    I do wish instructions were more explicit throughout this entire thing. We have all just been so confused and guessing, like this. We realize all of the time you put into this, but we end up with more questions than answers. How do we get these signs? We called last week but the lady who answered had no idea.


    • Who did you call? We don’t have a public phone number for the state.
      you will not be able to access the filed from you iphone. Just like most files, you will need to download them from a laptop or desktop computer.
      when you click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDFS – it will take you to a screen where you can click on the four files to view the sign files, and then you can download them to save on your computer. It is up to you on where and how to get them printed – for example: Staples.


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