The Importance Of Finding The Right Background Music For Your Explainer Videos

The Importance Of Finding The Right Background Music For Your Explainer Videos

If the music is engaging, they will certainly watch the explainer video to the very end. On the other hand, if the music is boring, they will tune out and find another video that interests them. So the kind of background music you choose will determine whether you sell your products or not. The idea is never to let the background music overpower the voiceover. It’s recommended that you lower the volume of the background music when someone is talking and increase it when they pose a bit. In this segment, we talk about the importance of choosing the perfect background music for your product explainer videos:

The right background music adds value to your explainer videos

The main aim of explainer videos is to explain your product or service to prospective customers. However, experts include music to motivate viewers into watching the video to the end. But you cannot just pick any music you come across. You have to research your target audience to know the kinds of music they like. Otherwise, if the background music doesn’t resonate with them or is bland and stuffy, you’ll have made the situation worse. A bad choice of background music will also undermine your message.

Background music generates the right mood that keeps viewers glued to your explainer videos

When choosing background music for your explainer videos, opt for one that creates the right mood and evokes emotions. This will be determined by the genre, tempo, lyrics, instrumentation and sound density of your music. For business explainer videos, upbeat music can set the right mood. When your explainer videos deal with professional services, and hospitality establishments, cheery music will suffice. Desist from selecting background music with dark and moody energy levels. Also, don’t choose background music with a lot of prominent features, such as jarring instrumental solo, and fast, heavy beat, because they can easily distract viewers from the message.


Looking for the perfect background music might take a lot of time. But the time spent is always totally worth it. Some people will recognize the background music playing in your explainer videos; others won’t. However, the music is always in the background, and it affects the way viewers perceive your message and brand. So you should always dedicate every ounce of your energy and time to finding the right background music for your explainer videos.


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