3 Tips for Choosing an Animation Style for Your Explainer Videos

3 Tips for Choosing an Animation Style for Your Explainer Videos

A recent study has revealed that animated explainer videos top the list when it comes to increasing conversion on landing pages. The reason why they are effective in increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is that they are able to break down complex topics into easy to understand information. On top of that, they are not as expensive to produce as live action videos.

When a conversation about animation explainer videos comes up, many quickly reflect on Disney movies. However, different types of animated explainer videos exist today, with each coming with its upsides and downsides. Not every kind of animated explainer video fits every situation, which is why it’s recommended that you understand how each one can impact your message. However, this article looks at the tips to help you choose the right animation for your explainer videos. Let’s get right to them:

Find out the most popular animation style for your product explainer videos

Experts recommend that you choose a unique animation style for your explainer videos. But that does not mean it will work out. You should do your due diligence and find out the most popular animation at the moment. Check out the kind of animation style your competitors are using, and if it’s the most popular, use it. Using live action videos when the rest are using whiteboards could backfire for you, as it could pass across a wrong message. Always go for a style that follows the industry norms, while at the same time letting you pass across your product message easily.

Figure out the complexity of your topic before you select an animation style for your explainer videos

If your video seeks to explain a complex product, or a product that has never been in the marketplace before, a cartoon or motion graphic animation that provides a lot of space for detail will suffice. If your product is simple, or has already hit the market, a whiteboard explainer video is the straightforward choice. The idea of creating an explainer video is to explain your product in the shortest time possible, so go with an animation style that allows that.

The message of your explainer videos will determine the animation style to choose

Do you want to explain your product with a lot of visuals or using fewer, more potent visuals? A simpler animation style will suffice if you want to highlight a few key points.


Every animation style comes with its own upsides and downsides. So you should take the time to evaluate all of them to determine one that synchronizes with your explainer videos. You can conduct A/B testing, get client feedback and consistently measure results to find an animation style that fits your business.

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